PEAK PERFORMANCE COACHING - Maximize your potential. Attain your vision.
Would the bottom line of your business or organization benefit from:
More effective leadership?
Higher performing talent and teams?
More efficient processes?
More impactful programming?
Higher level customer service?
Would you, personally, benefit from:
greater Clarity, Confidence and Ability in fulfilling your goals and life roles?
I'm Joseph Galler, and my passion is to empower and equip individuals and enterprise toward excellence and continuous improvement.
 Make no mistake,
              this is not merely motivational coaching;
              this is transformational coaching!
Generally speaking, coaching up the development and success of you or your enterprise is accomplished through a personalized, collaborative, strengths-based process of:
guided discovery and analysis, education and inspiration, innovation and strategic planning, execution and accountability.
I am qualified by:
  • 3 degrees and several years research and training specific to psychology, counseling, human systems, and group facilitation...
  • 19 years diverse experience in: counseling, life coaching, business/organizational consulting, higher education, management, sales and marketing, on-air radio, ministry and mentoring...
  • and equally important, 43 years life experience.
Schedule your free consultation today,
and be closer to your ideal vision tomorrow!
Joseph Galler, M.S.Ed.
Syracuse, NY     (704) 408-7463
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